Slogan: set one attribute, bind one data source, display you a pretty chart
  • Chartlet is a totally free chart control for ASP.NET, it will help you to create a pretty chart with only 2 statements, so you don't need to know complex attributes of a chart control, you can spend most of your time on your project developing instead of control learning. You only need to set one attribute and call a databind method, Chartlet will display a beautiful chart for you.
  • We make Chartlet so simple to use because to design a beautiful chart with color setting is not our developers' task. So with Chartlet you don't need to set different display attributes and alse can get pretty charts.
  • If it's your first time using, please follow 5 steps below.

    Step 1, Download Chartlet control on download page.

    Step 2, Add Chartlet to Visual Studio toolbox.

    Step 3, Drag Chartlet from toolbox to your ASP.NET webform.

    Step 4, Select a appearance style for your chart.(One attribute setting)

    Step 5, Bind a SqlDataSource on the code behind page.(One data binding)

    OK, run your web form and you have got a pretty chart.

    We provide a demo page for you to experience it before downloading.

    And we packed 3 sample webforms in the download package, you can learn how to use Chartlet from them, they are all simple.

    Bar_Chart_Demo  Line_Chart_Demo